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About our Instructors

David Woodall, Instructor

David started studying Tae Kwan Do at age 10 at the Dallas Institute of Karate. He is a veteran of the United States Air Force. During his time stationed in Germany he participated in a martial arts club with practitioners of different systems. Later, he studied Kempo at Bernstein’s Dallas House of Karate, and Kung Fu in Rowlett, Tx. Since 2009, he has studied Tang Soo Do at Belton Martial Arts Academy. He has a BS in Business, MA in Professional Development, an MA in Counseling, and holds a Principal’s certification. He has 20 years in public school as a teacher (upper elementary) and a counselor (elementary and middle school).

Sharon Woodall, Assistant Instructor

Sharron started studying Tang Soo Do in 2009 at Belton Martial Arts Academy as a way to spend time with her family. She has taught for 20 years in public school and higher ed. She has a BA in English, MS in Reading, and ED.D. in Curriculum, Instruction & Supervision, and has a EC-12 ESL certificate. She is a writing trainer, Reading First trainer, and has provided training and curriculum for non-profit organizations and a private school. She has always been an advocate for student-centered education that engages all students of all ages, differentiating learning and supporting their success within a community.

Matthew Woodall, Student Leader

Matthew started studying Tang Soo Do in 2009 at age 4. He quickly developed through the karat-a-tot curriculum and was promoted to white belt at age 5. Two weeks later, he attended the Tang Soo Do Nationals (2010) in Las Vegas and medaled in forms and sparring. He continued to represent his school well in the Internationals (2011) in Orlando, where he became the international weapons champion for his rank and age. In 2013, the nationals were held in San Antonio, and he successfully defended his weapons champion title. Matthew will assist as a role model for younger students.