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Our Tang Soo Do program will offer classes for Kids(age 6-9), Youth(age 10-13), and Adult (age 14 and up). Classes will be 1-hour in length. Special classes will be offered allowing families to train together. Quarterly, we will schedule a fun activity or outing for the entire school. This will build a sense of pride, spirit, and being a team. The martial arts curriculum will teach students self-protection, escapes from hand-grabs, stranger danger, one-steps (short combination techniques), and forms (multiple techniques against multiple attackers). Special sparring clinics will be held on Saturdays. This will provide students with practical opportunities to use their training and experience conflict that will help them in real life and in tournaments.


Students may enroll in youth classes beginning at age 6. Instruction in this class will be developmentally appropriate for elementary age students. A slower pace of instruction will be used to build their skills. This allows students to process the learning and develop muscle memory before acquiring more complex techniques. Careful modeling will be given. The learning model of listening, watching, and practice in a supportive environment will be utilized. Explicit instruction will be given to help students see connections between skills and techniques.  Students are expected to attend class twice a week for instruction. To be successful, they must practice outside of class. This will reinforce the learning and prepare them to demonstrate their skills when they return to class. Age appropriate discipline will be used to help keep students focused on the task. Time outs will be used for reflection, to observe what other students are doing, or to allow a student time to calm down and return to a learning mindset. Transitions will be shorter. Emphasis will be given on etiquette within the studio and other areas of their lives. Guidance will be integrated on topics of stranger danger, handling conflicts at school, and respect for their family and elders.
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The teen class is made up of students from age 10 to 13. This age group has a different set of learning and social-emotional needs than youth or adults. Group involvement is very important for this group, as is belonging and safety within a group. A focus of this class is to build a community that is accepting and respectful of everyone in the class. Students will be given opportunities to collaborate during their practices, and to build a sense of team throughout their learning. Specific emphasis will be made to develop leadership skills in each student, and to recognize the talents and contributions of each member. Instruction will be presented with more explanation of the techniques, scenarios to use a skill or method, and responsibility of using their defense skills appropriately. The level of explanation and interaction will be developmentally appropriate to enable the students to process and practice their learning. Discipline for this age level will include conferencing with the instructor, and students may choose to take a time out to calm down and refocus. Guidance will pertain to peer pressure (positive & negative), how to make good choices, and respecting themselves (physically & emotionally) and being respectful of others.
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The adult class will consist of students age 14 and up. Each individual tends to progress at their own rate due to differences in age and abilities (physical, mental, and emotional) and they have unique needs. Classes will be crafted to support these learning needs of each student. We will work to help them reach their personal goals. Adults and older students are strongly encouraged to be visible as role models to the younger students. We intend to build a sense of community and pride within the school. Opportunities for this include participating in school extra-curricular activities, encouraging & interacting with other students in and out of the studio. Guidance and emphasis will be given to being safe in work outs, safety & self-defense for real life situations, building confidence and awareness to avoid threatening or conflict situations. Also, we will have discussions on how to be an appropriate role model as a parent, leader in the community, and within the studio.
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