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About Salado Creek Martial Arts

Salado Creek Martial Arts is a family oriented martial arts studio located at 409 Salado Plaza, Salado, Texas. Our primary focus is building character in our students through the art of Tang Soo Do. Salado is a unique community known for its B&B’s, shopping, and arts. The village is founded on strong family values and prides itself on its students’ athletic success. Within this, we believe that our school will instill confidence, leadership, pride, and self-control in its students to achieve success in life. Not only will they gain physical fitness through the workouts, but students will learn techniques for self-defense and minimizing conflict. Tang Soo Do seeks a balance of physical with other aspects of your life. Students are taught etiquette, respect, honor, strength, and courage. They strive for their own growth and to overcome challenges, while viewing peers as team mates and the school as a community interested in their well-being, development, and success. The martial arts are often seen as an individual sport.  It is not portrayed as a team effort where every individual helps others to achieve their maximum.  In movies, it is often represented as overly-competitive, aggressive, and confrontational. We are approaching the martial art of Tang Soo Do with a Christian world-view. Self-discipline, respect, and honor are parts of this. As are developing each individual to achieve a higher potential. Built into our curriculum is instruction on getting along with others, resolving conflict, being a leader and role model, and developing accountability to themselves, their classmates, and instructors. Persistence in practice beyond merely learning a technique is the spirit of disciplined martial arts study. Learning the techniques, and perfecting them.